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muscle building whey protein42% more muscle building protein per scoop is just scratching the surface

Precision Engineered with great pride and craftsmanship for those who demand results for the dollar, Advanced MASS PRO® is a true evolution in protein science. MASS PRO combines maximum concentration Registered Cold Process whey protein, whey protein isolate and powerful whey/glutamine peptides with the power of ALPHA EFX Colostrum. This is truly The Ultimate Whey Protein, giving you 42% MORE PURE PROTEIN per scoop verses other more expensive, less effective brands. MASS PRO maximizes your lean muscle building and fat loss program while significantly boosting your health and athletic performance. In fact, scientific trials show this advanced whey protein matrix to be...

400% More Effective for athletic performance VS. whey protein powder alone*

MASS PRO contains the highest concentration of all ten Essential Amino Acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to infuse your body with muscle building nitrogen. Science has proven the metabolic key to muscle growth and repair is in maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. The high BCAA content prevents muscle catabolism (especially effective when dieting for fat loss). Integral to muscle metabolism, the BCAA's are the first amino acids used when you workout.

Advanced MASS PRO is also extremely rich in Glutamine Peptides and Taurine to insure peak protein synthesis and full muscle volume. Like the BCAA's, Glutamine prevents muscle breakdown. Glutamine is VITAL to muscle growth, because it accounts for nearly 60% of free amino acids in your body.

Additionally, MASS PRO is expertly processed to retain and optimize bio-active, health promoting whey protein isolate fractions such as Alpha-Lactalbumin (improves protein synthesis and calcium absorption), Immunoglobulins (special antibodies that eliminate foreign substances from the body), Lactoferrin (potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial) and Glycomacropeptides (aids digestion, controls appetite). MASS PRO also bolsters Glutathione, the most powerful anti-oxidant in the body.

The amazing power of Alpha EFX™ Colostrum

Colostrum is the powerful, nutrient-rich 'first milk' a mother produces for her newborn. Providing a supercharged array of vital protein, anti-bodies, anti-oxidants, immunoglobulins, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids; Colostrum is literally Mother Nature's very first, life sustaining superfood. Studies at major medical centers and universities have time and again shown Colostrum to be highly effective, for athletes in particular. Consider the study presented at the 2001 Experimental Biology Conference which found adding Colostrum to the diets of 49 athletes significantly increased both body weight and bench press strength. While Colostrum boosts athletic performance and muscle building, the overall positive effects are truly amazing...

In the late 18th Century, scientists first began to research bovine Colostrum benefits. Today, you'll find hundreds of published studies detailing major positives, including; Immune support. Mood enhancement. Bacteria, fungi and virus elimination. Skin rejuvenation. Joint and cartilage support. Anti-inflammation. Balanced blood sugar. Improved muscle mass to fat ratio. Enhanced healthy intestinal flora. Accelerated healing of injury or trauma and increased endurance and workload capacity.

All told, there are thirty seven immune factors in Colostrum, plus eight powerful growth factors to help rebuild and rejuvenate your body.

To insure maximum results, MASS PRO is chock-full of premium Alpha EFX Colostrum. Alpha EFX is certified 100% pure Grade A Organic and derived from healthy pasture fed, hormone, pesticide and anti-biotic free American dairy cows. Alpha EFX is expertly processed and standardized and guaranteed to contain a minimum of 30% active Immunoglobulins (IgG).

Accelerate fat loss, optimize energy, boost your brain...

MASS PRO is GMO Free Lecithin enhanced to accelerate fat loss, improve cellular recovery and boost energy. Lecithin emulsifies lipids and speeds fat metabolism. Medical studies show Lecithin's benefits to include; Lowered "bad" LDL cholesterol. Increased "good" HDL cholesterol. Improved cardiovascular function. Liver protection. Increased physical performance and brain/memory enhancement.

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"Thanks for awesome products! I have been extremely happy using MASS PRO for several years. I've had great results..."

-Elizabeth Nelson, Durham, NC

"Mass Pro is tops, period. This is coming from a guy won over from double priced Beverly International."

-D. Murray, Tampa, FL

"MASS PRO is the most cost effective whey protein I have found. Calorically, I can use it in my pre-competition diet due to the low carbs/low fat. I credit MASS PRO with a seven pound gain I made in six weeks."

-Melissa Marino, NPC SE Champ, NPC Coastal USA Champ, NPC Jr. USA Top 5

"I've tried them all (Designer Whey, Isopure, Sportpharma, VP2) and MASS PRO is by far the best. It assimilates better than all the others and doesn't leave you feeling bloated. I recommend it to every one of my clients."

-Anthony S. DiCostanzo, C.P.T.

That's all the time you'll need to stir up instant mixing MASS PRO and supply your body with the Ultimate WHEY PROTEIN.

It's easy on your stomach, too, because this is clean, pure, premium protein which digests easily and won't bloat you. Unlike inferior heat processed whey protein powder (the brands are surprising), MASS PRO is precision engineered to avoid denaturing and maximize nutritional benefits while removing fat, lactose, sodium and other undesirable elements.

Oh, and if you think this super effective protein "must taste terrible"... think again. Chocolate MASS PRO is made with REAL Hershey's® Cocoa! Deep, rich... a lip smacking delicious, look-forward-to chocolate treat. Pure Vanilla is authentic, smooth as silk. And, if we do say so ourselves; Both flavors of MASS PRO are the absolute best tasting, Gold Metal award winning protein shakes you'll ever enjoy. All flavors are 100% aspartame and melamine free protein, too.

Also, check out MASS PRO MVP™ (Most Versatile Protein). It's the very same advanced MASS PRO formula minus flavoring and sweetener. The PERFECT health & fitness booster for high protein recipes like pancakes, muffins, protein bars, juicing, etc. 'MVP' mixes with anything, and everything. Shake it... blend it, bake it!

Simply put, MASS PRO Whey is the most effective, biologically active, best tasting protein powder you can buy - at any price. Each individual nutritional powerhouse in the exclusive formula is backed by mountains of research. Only MASS PRO brings it all together, taking muscle building protein powders to the next level - to give YOU unparalleled results.

If you demand results for the dollar, make it MASS PRO®. It's truly the Ultimate Whey Protein. The one 'the other guys' don't want you to know about. Try it for thirty days. You'll be absolutely, positively convinced.

The only remotely comparable whey protein powder with colostrum we know of is $80 for 2 lbs. and offers a mere 10 grams of protein per serving (MASS PRO has 24) and a whopping 8 grams carb fillers. It's sweetened with (of all things!) corn syrup... Make no mistake, there's only ONE genuine MASS PRO Whey Protein.

2.12 lb. container: $49.50 / 4.24 lb. MASS PRO "Twin Pack" only $95.00

LIMITED TIME Case Special - You Save an Extra $20 - Plus get FREE Domestic U.S. Shipping on a case of 4!

*Free domestic shipping to a UPS deliverable physical address in the contiguous 48 states.

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MASS PRO Training Table: Delicious Protein Shake Recipes, High Protein Foods, Protein Bar Recipes

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protein nutrition facts pdfMASS PRO Product Highlights  The Ultimate Muscle Builder supplement to use with MASS PRO Protein for TOP LEVEL results


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Perhaps the MOST POWERFUL of all isolated amino acids

First discovered in 1950 by medical researchers, GABA (Trusted pure brand GAMMA GH™) is one of the most powerful isolated amino acids. Classified as a neurotransmitter (a substance which transmits nerve impulses), the positive benefits of taking Gamma GH can be many...

gaba supplementMedical trials show as little as 5 grams of a pure GABA supplement can increase GH levels by up to 550%. Such a potent increase can lead to enhanced fat loss, easier lean muscle mass gains and better workout recovery for you.

Other double-blind studies have shown this isolated amino acid supplement to be beneficial in a wide variety of ways. Click the "discover more" link below for all the details.

GAMMA GH improves sleep cycles for more restful, restorative slumber. In addition to its generally positive effect on the nervous system, studies show this amino acid isolate to be effective for insomnia, to exert prosexual benefits, and stimulate significant Sirtuin 1 anti-aging activity for those seeking life enhancement and longevity benefits.

Made in the usa protein supplement
ALERT! Most GABA on the market today is imported from China and of questionable safety, quality and effectiveness. Gamma GH is the over two decades long proven strong, 100% Made in the USA Brand to Trust for safe, effective RESULTS.

Gamma GH Supplement Facts

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TESTED POSITIVE for Pro Level Performance Enhancement

"Quality" is something you see talked about a lot in ads for nutritional supplements like amino acids... However, simply claiming something does not make it true.

No matter how much an amino acid supplement (ours included) might TALK about quality, the bottom line is this; What's inside the bottle has to deliver REAL RESULTS or all the big talk amounts to nothing but hot air. That's a core "truth" we've always focused on here at Muscle And Sports Science. The way we see it, delivering real, result producing products is either at the center of everything a nutritional supplement company does - or, it isn't.

We're proud of the fact the MASS PRO® name carries with it a great reputation for top-shelf quality and 1st class results. With this in mind, allow us to introduce to you Fast Acting, NEW Improved 'MASS PRO AMINO' - NOW in super convenient capsules.

BCAA amino acids and GlutamineWHAT IS MASS PRO AMINO?

Born of scientific studies and real world athlete trials, MASS PRO AMINO is a very precise ratio of safe, powerful, Made In the USA Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine Supreme™.

MASS PRO AMINO is specifically designed to deliver it's payload exactly when and where you need it most. Taken before workouts and sporting competitions, it gives you clean, pure endurance gains - without stimulants - and keeps you coming back for more due to the fast, ongoing recovery it provides during your activity. YES, we said DURING your activity!


Hard training is vital to your success. It also breaks down muscle (catabolism). MASS PRO AMINO turns the advantage squarely in your favor by replenishing the amino acids most needed during training; Glutamine and the Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine). MASS PRO AMINO helps you attain the most success from your hard training.

For strength and endurance athletes and those dieting, it's smart to know the BCAA's in MASS PRO AMINO are INSTANTLY metabolized and utilized. Taken before/during training or upon awakening this mega-potency amino matrix is so strongly anabolic that it stops muscle-wasting catabolism in it's tracks. In fact, ONE single MASS PRO AMINO serving packs more than enough BCAA potency to power your body out of catabolism and into an anabolic state in just minutes. That is maximum impact. That's research backed FACT.


MASS PRO AMINO saturates you with "muscle energy fuel", raises exercise induced GH and delays fatigue. BCAA's are the only pure amino acids that provide energy and extend endurance, especially during hard training. GH is the most important anabolic in your body with a vast profile of athletic, physique and life enhancement benefits. Recent clinical trials show Glutamine impacts GH release far more than known before... As little as four capsules taken in the MASS PRO AMINO format can exert a 430% GH increase as published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. MASS PRO's hefty BCAA's taken during training are further proven to release GH.

Oh, and here's something else you might like to know; A 1992 study in Italy proved mega-potency BCAA's as found in MASS PRO AMINO taken pre-workout maximize post-workout Testosterone levels for males.


In a clinical study by Current Therapeutic Research, the effects of the exact MASS PRO AMINO ratio/potency/dose of Glutamine and BCAA's was studied on seasoned weight lifters. Sixteen athletes were split into two groups. Each followed ten weeks of supervised diet and weight training. The supplemental group received only the addition of the specific amino acid formula. Body composition and maximum repetitions on the bench and leg press were logged at the start of the trial, and again ten weeks later.

The RESULTS? (the other guys don't want you to know this)

amino acids testThe MASS PRO AMINO formula supplemented group improved more than DOUBLE the control group on both lifts and gained almost 3 pounds more lean muscle mass on average. Every participant noted less post-training soreness, too. This impressive new study further validates a 1997 trial published in Medicina Dello Sport where high dose Branched Chain Amino Acids taken during training were shown to greatly increase strength and protein synthesis, leading to lean muscle mass gains.


MASS PRO AMINO is the ultimate, POWER PACKED amino formula to use during training to improve your strength and stamina. To fight fatigue, elevate GH, induce a muscle building anabolic state and true intra-activity recovery - 100% stimulant and drug-free. That's not hot air from some high-paid advertising hot shot, it's tested positive TRUTH and a guarantee of top-shelf quality and 1st rate results from the trusted Muscle And Sports Science team. Oh, almost forgot to mention, MASS PRO AMINO is Zero-Calorie for dieting purposes and a Vegetarian Friendly Formula, too. In fact, MASS PRO Amino is easily one of the most powerful Vegetarian Bodybuilding Supplements of all.

You invest the sweat, and MASS PRO AMINO capsules will help you reach your greatest success!


"Throughout high-school and college I used MASS PRO Whey Protein and loved it! A couple years ago I moved to California and wasn't working out for a while. I recently joined a gym with my wife and started working out again. I've been using Muscle Milk protein powder. I just want to tell you that I will be switching back to MASS PRO for my next order. It always worked great for me and I can't wait for this stuff I have now to run out!"

-Dustin Pezall, Sacramento, CA

synthagen x2 amino acidsMASS PRO SYNTHAGEN X2

Omni-Potent Nutrition Optimization

ProtoGeneX™ Amino Acid Matrix, POWERFUL Substrates

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"I have been taking supplements for some time now and in the ongoing fight against DOMS I can finally level the playing field. This is like nothing I've taken before. Words can't really describe it, this is SIMPLY A MUST TRY."

-Ray Laurent, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review

"The difference between the impossible and the possible is determination" -Tommy Lasorda

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