"X2 is the MOST POTENT lab production of MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN ever, and that's saying something! Now with TWICE the authentic, full spectrum '10 levseins' Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract to deliver RESULTS like nothing else."

When you train with it, You'll GAIN WITH IT.

Omni-Potent Nutrition Optimization

ProtoGeneX Amino Acid Matrix & POWERFUL Substrates

Formula Facts and how to buy MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN™ X2

Synthagen Suggested Use:

SYNTHAGEN X2 supplementFor peak athletic performance and enhanced recovery, take 5-10 capsules prior to exercise or sleep with 10 oz of tart cherry juice or water.

For nutrition optimization and to boost cellular repair, muscle recovery, protein synthesis and anti-aging/life enhancement benefits, take 3 or more before meals.

Note: MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN closes the gap between safe, smart supplementation and harmful performance drugs like never before. It works so well some may question, but be assured this super-premium natural formula is 100% drug/hormone-free and equally effective for both sexes without restriction.

While this product will allow one to increase workout frequency and decrease calorie intake simultaneously, it is not suggested to serve as a meal replacement nor should scheduled off days from training be totally eliminated - no matter how tempting it may be!

Discover the POWER of ProtoGeneX for yourself.

Proprietary, 10 Amino Acid Matrix

L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Valine, L-Threonine, L-Isoleucine, L-Methionine, L-Histidine, L-Taurine, L-Tryptophan

A discussion on optimizing nutrition and protein synthesis must include the essential amino acids. For, if even a single EAA is missing, no muscle can be built or repaired (1) - hence the term, "essential".

(1) Net muscle protein synthesis results from ingestion of essential amino acids (Tipton et al., 2001, 2003; Borsheim et al., 2002).

This is a critical point, because the proprietary MASS PRO Synthagen™ formula provides ALL of the essential amino acids in proven potencies and in circulation concurrently with very powerful substrates to optimally leverage omni-potent effects, in particular vastly accelerated protein synthesis.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) also spike protein synthesis, so for maximum results a strong shot of the "tested positive" proprietary BCAA's as found in MASS PRO Impact Amino are included.

The BCAA's are key signaling agents, and the full ProtoGeneX (proto-gene-ten) Amino Acid Matrix literally floods your cells with every single amino acid proven to build, repair and replenish muscle tissue.

BOTTOM LINE: MASS PRO Synthagen delivers strong protein synthesis signaling while providing the "building blocks" and pro substrates that grow new muscle - precisely when and where your body needs them most.

How effective is ProtoGeneX verses whole proteins?

The net nitrogen utilization of ProtoGeneX far exceeds that of any intact (peptide bonded) protein source. In fact, it has been shown that 12g of EAA's alone more than doubled muscle amino acid uptake, vs. 20g of "intact" proteins like caseinate or egg (2). What does this mean? It means less metabolic waste in the form of urea, ammonia, bloating and gas.

MASS PRO Synthagen with ProtoGeneX Amino Acids is infinitely more efficient, delivering much greater protein synthesis - without the detrimental and growth retarding hindrance of metabolic waste byproducts.

(2) Borshein et. al. 2002, Tipton et.al. 2004

What makes the specific ProtoGeneX amino stack best?

To answer this question, we need only look at what just 6 grams of EAA's is able to accomplish.

Research published in two prestigious medical publications, the American Journal of Physiology (Endocrinology and Metabolism) and Journal of Sports Sciences, shows human subjects given 6 grams of a specific essential amino acid blend before weight training increases protein synthesis by almost 600%.

So what is so special about this amino acid blend that caused such a huge increase in muscle protein synthesis? The answer is in the unique amino acid profile, and the timing of its administration.

Further, this EAA ratio does NOT require any carbohydrates to exert its effects on muscle protein synthesis!

Also, as a vital side note: The unique EAA ratio as seen in the ProtoGeneX blend contains perfect amounts of the ONE essential amino that other sports nutrition companies seemingly don't even know exists!

More on this in a special report, soon.

The point is, every scrap of scientific data has been expertly scrutinized and applied from these studies and others to arrive at the proprietary ProtoGeneX Amino Acid profile. No stone has been left unturned, including one very important NON-ESSENTIAL "amino acid" that scores an excellent grade...


The merits of L-Taurine are profound within the ProtoGeneX Amino Acid Matrix. Here's the top 4:

1.) Taurine mimics the effects of Insulin (3)

NOTE: An insulin surge isn't what's desired here, nor does it occur with Taurine. Rather, an effect mimicking insulin is what we're after (independent of carbohydrate ingestion). The benefits are twofold: An effect mimicking insulin slows muscle tissue breakdown, and also serves to shuttle MASS PRO Synthagen's payload directly into your muscle cells.

2.) Reduces Appetite (3)

There is an appetite reduction effect seen with Taurine, which contributes further to fat loss.

3.) Quadrupled Hypothalamic mTOR Activity (major muscle growth mechanism) (3)

This recent finding is a most exciting one. mTOR activity is a MAJOR player in muscle growth, and Taurine's ability to modulate this in the hypothalamus is significant. While other ingredients in the complete MASS PRO Synthagen complex accomplish this elsewhere in the body, Taurine's ability to do this in the brain is unique.

4.) Cellular Hydration

The final attribute Taurine brings is in maintaining muscle cell hydration. As the 2nd most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue, its presence is warranted to maximize cellular hydration - which is a potent anabolic signal in itself, given that muscle is roughly 70% water.

(3) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21818562

RCE optimizes nearly every body function...

RCE - rhaponticum carthamoides ecdysteroneAs the most exotic ingredient in MASS PRO Synthagen, Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract (RCE) is an incredibly rare, powerful compound. A serving of Synthagen caps contain a large dosage of the very same proven potent FULL-SPECTRUM '10 levseins' RCE as found in Kre-Anabolyn, the Ecdysterone Gold Standard.

In addition to a specific ratio of ecdysterones, '10 levseins' RCE boasts tannins and resins not found in other ecdy genus. For example, one of these tannins mitigates your body's ability to convert carbohydrate to fat.

The effect on messenger RNA Translation/Translocation, however, is what MASS PRO Synthagen most seeks to optimize. Specifically, RCE has the ability to speed up the activity of the muscle cell cytoplasm/ribosome - leading to an accelerated rate of Translation and Translocation (4,5). As well, a recent study showed that "Ecdy elicited a rapid elevation in intracellular calcium, followed by sustained Akt activation and increased protein synthesis" (6). It allows for an increase in both the number and activity of ribonucleic acids and the forming of new contractile muscle proteins from available amino acids.

(4) Syrov VN. Mechanism of the anabolic action of phytoecdysteroids in mammals. Nauchnye Doki Vyss Shkoly Biol Nauki (11), (1984): pages 16-20.


(6) Steroids 2010;75:632 637 - Gorelick-Feldman J, Cohick W, Raskin I. Ecdysteroids elicit a rapid Ca2 ux leading to Akt activation and increased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle cells.

So, building upon the strength of ProtoGeneX aminos, RCE allows us to increase both the number and activity of ribonucleic acids and the forming of new contractile muscle proteins.

To be clear, any discussion about optimizing RCE's protein synthesis attributes must also include the essential amino acids. Remember, if even a single essential amino is missing, no new muscle will be built (1).

In addition to RCE's ability to supercharge protein synthesis, it optimizes nearly every bodily function.

The following list of impressive attributes are just some of the positive, health promoting benefits conveyed and part of the reason why MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN now has TWICE the RCE as before!

BOTTOM LINE: Long time Kre-Anabolyn fans attest to many of the above results. With such broad benefits established, let's now look at the other complimentary/synergistic nutrients in MASS PRO Synthagen.

Orotic Acid

Like Ecdysterone, several studies were done on Orotic Acid (OA) in the former Soviet Union by Meerson, et al in the 1960's, showing ergogenic effects in relation to exercise (7). Other trials provide evidence of attributes based on animal models, including accelerated skeletal muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth) following supplemental Orotic Acid. Further work by Meerson's group demonstrated enhanced swimming performance as a function of muscle hypertrophy and energy supply from Orotate supplementation.

(7) Meerson FZ, Rosanova LS. (1967) Effect of 2703 actinomycin and combination of nucleic acid synthesis activators on the development of fatigue and fitness. Doki. Akad. Nauk. SSSR: 166: 496-499.

Let's learn more...

What is Orotic Acid?

OA can be thought of as a non-hormonal anabolic agent, naturally present in the body and having a general stimulating effect on the metabolism. In particular, it stimulates the synthesis of nucleic acids involved in protein synthesis, and enhances repair and regenerative processes in many tissues.

boost testosterone and GHScientific studies have shown OA to be extremely helpful to athletes. It is unique in its ability to optimize many of the bodily functions critical for strength. Orotic Acid spikes protein synthesis and thus accelerates muscle growth. It increases the ATP production, Creatine and Carnosine leading to greater strength and endurance. It promotes glycogen storage and optimizes oxygen usage, resulting in greater VO2 max.

OA augments protein synthesis/muscle hypertrophy and maximizes protein synthesis on all critical levels. It also plays an active role in DNA/RNA synthesis and was found to augment muscle hypertrophy (8,9).

(8) Meerson FZ. (1969) The myocardium in hyperfunction, hypertrophy and heart failure. Circ.Res. 24/25 (Suppl.2): II146 - II155.
(9) Meerson FZ, Rosanova LS. (1967) Effect of 2703 actinomycin and combination of nucleic acid synthesis activators on the development of fatigue and fitness. Doki. Akad. Nauk. SSSR: 166: 496-499.

A study conducted at the Justus-Liebig University with triathletes in 1998 showed that Orotic Acid improved power, endurance and performance. The testing demonstrated a remarkable increase in oxygen and glucose metabolism, while cortisol and carbon dioxide levels were dramatically reduced.

These results were impressive as they represented a significant difference vs. the placebo group. Orotic Acid´s ability to increase ATP production and regeneration in an oxygen-depleted environment (i.e. weight training) is especially impressive. Better Glucose disposal optimizes Glycogen storage. More glycogen = faster gycolysis, which as we'll see later on offers BIG benefits.

There is still LOTS more...

The positive influence of Orotic Acid on ATP levels (10,11).

(10) Richards SM, Conyers RAJ, Fisher JL, Rosenfeldt FL. (1997) Cardioprotection by Orotic Acid: Metabolism and mechanism of action. J.Mol.Cell.Cardiol. 29: 3239-3250.
(11) Williams JF, Donohoe J, Lykke A, Kolos G. (1976) Studies using orotic acid for improving the controlled development of myocardial hypertrophy. Aust.NZ.J.Med. 6 (Suppl.2): 60-71.

OA increases nucleotide pools and cellular energy stores (12)

(12) Kypson J, Hait G, Mathew R. (1978) Effects of uridine on the performance and the metabolism of oxygenated and hypoxic rabbit hearts. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 10: 545-565.

Orotic Acid increased ribose moieties (R-1-P & R-5-P) leading to enhanced ribose formation (13)

(13) Olivares J, Rossi A. (1982) Incorporation of orotic acid in myocardial uridine nucleotides: effect of isoproterenol and ribose. J.Physiol. (Paris). 78: 175-178.

OA increases muscle carnosine stores (14)

(14) Aonuma S, Hama T, Tamaki N, Okumura H. (1969) Orotate as a -alanine donor for anserine and carnosine biosynthesis and effects of actinomycin D and azauracil on their pathway. J.Biochem. 66: 123-133.

But, how safe is Orotic Acid?

Orotic Acid is naturally produced by the body in small amounts, and is considered an extraordinarily safe substance. Orotic Acid is found naturally in mother's milk and, in miniscule quantities, in other milk products. Orotates are organic compounds, ready to be optimally metabolized by the cell. Orotate-compounds have been used in orthomolecular medicine for decades to increase bioavailability of minerals and trace elements.


Pyrimidine nucleotides are components of phospholipids (structural parts of the muscle cell membrane). These nucleotides exist in pools and are absolutely critical to keep "topped off". Given as ATP demands increase during hard training - there is a corresponding decrease in total adenine nucleotides and total pyrimidines (TPN = cytosine, uridine and there phosphate bound metabolites). So let's break it down in English...

PROBLEM: Depletion of these pools during exercise decreases the energy generating capacity of muscle
SOLUTION: Orotic Acid builds up nucleotide pools in muscle tissue, and enhances muscle contractile force

Several studies demonstrate OA's ability to boost these pools. For example, Richards et al. (15) shows that OA boosts the body's nucleotide pool rather dramatically. Following a 2 day loading phase with Orotic Acid, measurements of total adenine (ATP, ADP, and AMP) pyrimidine nucleotides (cytosine and uridine) were taken with a resultant 121% rise in muscle nucleotides. More recent work on isolated human muscle fibres has shown that elevation of pyrimidine base concentration enhances the contractile capacity of muscle tissue (16).

(15) Richards SM, Conyers RAJ, Fisher JL, Rosenfeldt FL. (1997) Cardioprotection by Orotic Acid: Metabolism and mechanism of action. J.Mol.Cell.Cardiol. 29: 3239-3250.
(16) Munsch CM, Williams JF, Conyers RAJ, O'Halloron K, Langley LH, Rosenfeldt FL. The effect of orotic acid and ribose on the impaired tolerance of the recently infracted rat heart to cardioplegic arrest. In: Williams JF, ed. Orotic acid in cardiology. New York: Thieme Medical, 1992; 46-58.

In fact, OA is the very first pyrimidine formed in the pathway for nucleic acids, leading to greater RNA synthesis. Since muscle growth is HEAVILY dependent upon RNA availability, its worth looking at just how much RNA is in play while you're growing. There are 3 primary types...

1. Messenger RNA (mRNA) contains the genetic code or "blueprint" with which to build new muscle tissue. As in DNA, mRNA genetic information is encoded in the sequence of nucleotides.

2. Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is the building site, or factory where new proteins are assembled (from amino acids). Every factory needs workers, and that brings us to...

3. Transfer RNA (tRNA) is an RNA molecule typically 73 to 93 nucleotides in length that is used to bridge the 4 letter genetic code (ACGU) in messenger RNA (mRNA) with the 20 letter code of amino acids in proteins.

It's clear then, that the more nucleotides, RNA blueprints, factories, workers and bricks you have available, the more efficiently you'll be able to build muscle. By utilizing a precise amount of OA, MASS PRO Synthagen delivers here in spades - addressing a critical facet of muscle growth ignored in other formulas.

BOTTOM LINE: Perhaps more than any other ingredient, Orotic Acid amplifies the protein synthesis signaling properties of MASS PRO Synthagen's RCE/Ecdysterone and ProtoGeneX Amino Acid Matrix. It also brings to the table a wide safety net, optimizing cellular energy stores, accelerating wound healing and improving food efficiency (more on this below) via multiple pathways.

MASS PRO Synthagen doesn't stop here, though, not by a longshot...

The Power of Patented elevATP®

The rate of protein synthesis is regulated by the cellular energy status in muscle (and even non-muscle!) cells (17,18). AMP-activated protein kinase may be thought of as nature's "energy sensor". AMPK is activated by a fall in ATP (concomitant with a rise in ADP and AMP), which leads to the activation of catabolic pathways and the inhibition of anabolic pathways. In plain English- if your body senses it's running low on ATP/cellular energy, then it won't be building any new muscle tissue.

When the body senses ATP is in short supply - amino acids are used to form adenosine/guanadino energy substrates. Creatine for example, can be synthesized by combining Arginine, Glycine and Methionine if the body senses ATP levels are low. Note however, that once used by the body for that pupose they're NOT then available to build new muscle. In this example, Methionine (an EAA) is being "borrowed" for creatine synthesis and thus, no new muscle growth will take place.

atp boosting supplementMASS PRO Synthagen guarantees peak ATP pools by providing extra generous amounts of elevATP, the Patented ATP supplement clinically proven to increase strength and ATP stores in the body. This premiere ATP supplement also boosts the availability of glucose, nutrients and oxygen in muscles and the brain. This allows for faster removal of catabolic waste which, in turn, improves both performance and recuperation while reducing the perception of fatigue/pain.

Supplying the exact molecule the body needs to directly create energy, this ingredient also increases circulation to the entire body and has benefits far beyond boosting ATP levels. Increased energy, muscle growth, recovery, strength and mental acuity are all noted by users. In a recent clinical trial, elevATP was shown to increase total strength in trained athletes and to also impressively improve their vertical jumping power. Perhaps most significantly, the team of researchers observed that elevATP® prevented performance decrements (i.e. "overtraining") that often arise from increased training volume and overreaching (or sometimes just under eating). This unique nutraceutical also has anti-aging, brain boosting and life extension benefits. As a key component in MASS PRO Synthagen, Patented elevATP ensures rapid and complete delivery of the formulas entire payload.

(17) Browne GJ, Proud CG. Regulation of peptide-chain elongation in mammalian cells. Eur J Biochem 269: 5360,5368, 2002.
(18) Proud CG. Regulation of mammalian translation factors by nutrients. Eur J Biochem 269: 5338,5349, 2002. Medline

MASS PRO Synthagen Maximizes ATP in 3 additional ways

Recall how Orotic Acid was cited as being a complimentary part of Synthagen's formula, enhancing the effects of its other ingredients? Here's another great example: Once ATP stores have been optimized in the cell, OA goes to work making sure things stay that way. It accomplishes this in 3 different ways...

1.) OA increases the production of ribose moieties (R-1-P and R-5-P). These are necessary for the salvage/de novo synthesis of purine nucleotides by a process know as "ribose transfer". Without OA, reserves of PRPP are typically very low, given the limited capacity of this pathway. The generation of ribose-5-phosphate (R-5-P - the immediate precursor to PRPP ribose supply) is enhanced with OA and as a result - greater ATP is realized.

2.) OA increases the pool of Uridine Monophosphate/Cytidine Monophosphate (UMP/CMP). By increasing levels of these nucleotides the demand on ATP reserves to synthesize them is decreased. The end result is more ATP being available for functions important to us - such as greater energy and muscle contractile force.

3.) OA elevates intracellular glycogen stores, via greater glucose disposal into muscle tissue. In other words, it leads to more efficient glycolysis* (Kypson et al. 1978).

*Glycolysis literally means "splitting sugars." In glycolysis, glucose (a six carbon sugar) is split into two molecules of a three-carbon sugar. Glycolysis yields two molecules of ATP (free energy containing molecule), two molecules of pyruvic acid and two "high energy" electron carrying molecules of NADH. The more glucose stored in muscle, the more ATP can be generated via this pathway.

BOTTOM LINE: MASS PRO Synthagen builds and maintains optimal ATP levels in both muscle/non muscle cells, giving the "green light" for the body to thrive. As an added bonus, Orotic Acid picks up where elevATP leaves off - allowing you to push harder and longer by virtue of the fact it 1.) quickly resynthesizes ATP levels and 2.) improves anaerobic glycolysis. The first 10 seconds or so of intense effort are fueled by ATP, the next 2 minutes by glycolysis. Synthagen ensures all your energy systems are fully fueled and replenished lightening fast. You'll be able to push harder, longer and much stronger.

The right way to supplement Beta-Alanine...

Much has been made of Beta-Alanine (BA), the precursor to carnosine and its ability to "buffer" pH - leading to better muscular endurance. Once again, the Russians were way ahead of the game - identifying carnosine and its benefits as long ago as 1900.

Nevertheless, when you study BA and its ultimate metabolic fate, you'll notice something interesting - something all the others have missed. Greater muscle carnosine levels are not BA's only benefit, because it's yet another powerful substrate that can be used to accelerate protein synthesis.

Here was the clue, leading to that observation:

"Subsequent to an RNA synthesis inhibitor (6-azauraci) being given to animals used in the experiment, an enormous increase in BA uptake (70%) and corresponding increase in carnosine synthesis takes place in the muscle cell..." (19)

(19) Aonuma S, Hama T, Tamaki N, Okumura H. (1969) Orotate as a -alanine donor for anserine and carnosine biosynthesis and effects of actinomycin D and azauracil on their pathway. J.Biochem. 66: 123-133.

What does this tell us?

It demonstrates that ß-Alanine CAN be used for RNA/greater protein synthesis and ultimately more muscle. The operative word here is "can". In other formulas, the contribution BA can make is limited, given it's usually used only to boost carnosine concentrations. Its ability to play a role in accelerating muscle growth is therefore limited, if non-existent.

It stands to reason that if growing new muscle is way down on your body's priority list (and it is, from your body's perspective), the majority of BA provided in most supplements will NOT be used to grow muscle.

Instead, it will combine with the amino acid L-Histidine to form Carnosine. Recall L-Histidine is one of the essential amino acids, and a deficiency of just one EAA stops protein synthesis in its tracks. In the typical standalone Beta-Alanine supplement example, protein synthesis takes it on the chin not once, but twice. First, BA is not made available for use as an RNA substrate, plus L-Histidine isn't included for incorporation into building new contractile muscle proteins.

The ideal then, is to boost Carnosine independently of Beta-Alanine, where you can realize the performance enhancement and muscle growth benefits of each. In fact, research has indicated that the combination of Carnosine and Beta-Alanine offers even MORE to the athlete than previously elucidated: Two very desireable benefits - It promotes tissue repair and also accelerates wound healing (20).

(20) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3095942

With this strategy set, you'll no longer have to settle for just 1/3rd of what ß-Alanine has to offer. Instead, the MASS PRO Synthagen formula allows you to have it ALL-

BOTTOM LINE: MASS PRO Synthagen elevates muscle carnosine concentrations via a different nutraceutical, to free up Beta-Alanine for a higher purpose - accelerated protein synthesis.

Which brings us to...

Magnesium Aspartate - Widespread Deficiency

This is one mineral that matters, given the following: A study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health showed that 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient. Other experts put the number closer to 80%. Whatever the case, it's clear that correcting what amounts to a widespread deficiency holds massive potential for many reading this. What makes this situation potentially worse for the athlete, is that considerable evidence exists that exercise makes this situation even worse. Increased loss of magnesium from the body is seen during and after exercise. Specifically, a shift in magnesium from the plasma into erythrocytes was found. In fact , the more anaerobic the exercise (i.e. weight training), the greater the movement of magnesium. Many other research studies show that serum magnesium levels are reduced in response to exercise/strength training.

We're talking about a mineral involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions - including glycolysis, the krebs cycle, creatine phosphate formation, nucleic acid synthesis, amino acid activation, cardiac and smooth muscle contractability, cyclic AMP formation, and most importantly for our purposes - protein synthesis.

Magnesium and athletic performance

best magnesium strength supplementMagnesium supplementation has been shown to improve cellular metabolism in competitive athletes. In one clinical trial which studied the effects of magnesium supplementation (360 mg/day) for 4 weeks in male competitive rowers showed a decrease in serum lactate concentration and oxygen consumption when compared to those receiving a placebo. In other words, the results of this study suggested that magnesium supplementation has a beneficial effect on energy metabolism and work efficiency.

It has also been noted in research studies that maximal contraction of the quadriceps is positively correlated to serum magnesium status.

Further, a 1992 study published in the Journal of the American College of nutrition entitled Effect of Magnesium Supplementation on Strength Training in Humans studied the effects of a dietary magnesium supplement (magnesium oxide* given in a ratio of 8 mg/kg/day including dietary magnesium) on strength development during a double-blind, 7 week strength training program in 26 untrained subjects. There was a magnesium supplemented group and a control or placebo group.

The results of the study showed that the oral magnesium supplementation group produced significantly greater results in strength than the control group. The researchers also concluded that magnesium's role in protein synthesis may be at the ribosomal level**.

* You'll note this study used the inferior OXIDE form of Magnesium, which isn't nearly as well absorbed as the ASPARTATE version MASS PRO Synthagen uses. Thus, the much higher mg. amount needed. Safety studies in England concluded that magnesium aspartates demonstrate greater oral absorption and bioavailability compared to less soluble magnesium preparations such as magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulphate.

** Given Magnesium's role in protein synthesis appears to act primarily by activating amino acids and attaching mRNA to the ribosome, optimal Magnesium levels in athletes using Ecdysterone is absolutely critical. Like Magnesium, Ecdysterone speeds up activity in the ribosome, again from available amino acids.

MASS PRO Synthagen is the first and only formula to leverage this information, and contains the most efficacious ratio of ALL necessary Amino Acids, Magnesium and Ecdysterones in their most bioavailable forms.

ATP Phosphate Transfer is the fastest source of muscular energy, and the Synthagen Substrates super bioavailable Magnesium turns on the switch...

ATP (adenosine triphosphate or energy) is always present as a Magnesium/ATP complex. Magnesium provides stability to and binds to phosphate groups in ATP, thus making a complex that aids in the transfer of ATP phosphate. Since working muscles generally contain more ADP (adenosine diphosphate), allowing ATP to release a phosphate group means more power during your workouts.

Magnesium is also a co-factor to the enzyme creatine kinase. Here's why that's important. Creatine kinase helps phosphocreatine combine with ADP to resynthesize ATP subsequent to contractile activity. What is also little known, is that phosphocreatine possesses a higher phosphate group transfer potential than even ATP itself, thus providing an even faster source of muscular energy during training.

Once again, MASS PRO Synthagen has you covered. Rosenfeldt et al. (1998) (21) showed under hypoxic conditions (typical, following anaerobic exercise) elevation of uridine levels increased muscle phosphocreatine and creatine levels 38% and 3%, respectively. Synthagen uses Orotic Acid to accomplish this, and the most bioavailable form of Magnesium to unlock the fastest source of muscular energy you can tap into.

(21) Rosenfeldt FL, Richards SM, Lin Z, Pepe S, Conyers RAJ. (1998) Mechanism of cardioprotective effect of orotic acid. Cardio.Drug.Ther. 12: 159-170.

BOTTOM LINE: MASS PRO Synthagen will increase your anaerobic threshold by tapping into your fastest muscular energy source (phosphocreatine) - allowing you to train faster, harder and longer than your competition. It does so by providing you with effeciently absorbed Magnesium Aspartate, a mineral necessary to maximize Synthagen's protein synthesis and cellular energy stoking qualities.

Tri-Methyl Glycine "AKA Betaine"

Tri-Methyl Glycine is a well known methyl-doner and efficient precursor to the super-nutrient Sam-E.

Sam-E plays a very important role in the body and is central to synthesizing polyamines (22). Downstream, the polyamines known as spermidine and spermine are formed. These particular polyamines are involved in the control of cell growth (23) and have also been shown to have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties (24).

Like Orotic Acid, TMG is used in farm animals to imrprove muscle to fat ratios. Looking closer at this research, TMG appears to aid in lipid metabolism by sparing choline. The saved choline is then used for lecithin synthesis, the mechanism via which fat is transported. The key point being made here, is that methylation which occurs in the liver is almost entirely responsible for repairing, renewing and re-generating not only existing lean body mass and fat loss mechanisms, but in synthesizing new muscle tissue as well.

There is another little known TMG benefit- it helps re-synthesize RNA. RNA re-synthesis is heavily dependent upon the availability of these methyl groups. In fact, methylation is an incredibly overlooked component of muscle growth and needs to be optimized given an attempt at growing new muscle as fast as possible.


Building upon the aforementioned animal research, there is also recent (2011) data surrounding TMG's potential to increase anabolic hormones, decrease catabolic hormones and improve muscle force production and endurance in HUMANS (25). In fact, this particular paper's conclusion is quite striking;

Conclusion: "Betaine supplementation increased force production and muscular endurance. These performance measures correspond to increases in anabolic hormones (GH and IGF-1) and maintenance of anabolic muscle signaling (Total Akt, Akt and p70 S6k phosphorylation) responses, as well as the decrease in catabolic hormone (cortisol) and inhibitory muscle signaling (AMPK phosphorylation) following 14 days of betaine supplementation"

Of particular note here (page 50), is TMG's ability to sustain protein synthesis, whereas in those not receiving TMG - the process slowed/stopped.

"The increase in Akt Total pre and post-exercise, as well as the maintenance in Akt S473 post-exercise following betaine supplementation indicates a greater ability to signal further downstream. These results correspond to the increase in GH and IGF-1 AUC during the betaine supplementation. Although there was no change in p70 S6k Total, p70 S6k T389 phosphorylation was maintained during the betaine supplementation pre and post-exercise. The decrease in p70 S6k T389 during the post placebo supplementation trial is explained partially by the increased cortisol levels during this time, where the maintenance during betaine supplementation is explained by the decrease in cortisol levels and therefore decreased inhibition to the muscle signaling pathway.

Furthermore, the decrease in AMPK phosphorylation observed would decrease the inhibitory effect on the mTOR pathway, allowing a more positive anabolic signal. In total, these observations suggest maintenance of protein synthesis during a concurrent workout, and provide a cellular basis to the ergogenic effect of betaine supplementation..."

How TMG builds upon RCE's strengths

For those familiar with the Rob Regish writings in "The Blueprint", he theorized in 2009 that Ecdysterone worked via the PI3K/AKT pathway. Now, subsequent research carried out at Rutgers has confirmed this (26).


"Phytoecdysteroids, structurally similar to insect molting hormones, produce a range of effects in mammals, including increasing growth and physical performance. In skeletal muscle cells, phytoecdysteroids increase protein synthesis. In this study we show that in a mouse skeletal muscle cell line, C(2)C(12), 20-hydroxyecdysone (20HE), a common phytoecdysteroid.... elicited a rapid elevation in intracellular calcium, followed by sustained Akt activation and increased protein synthesis. The effect was inhibited by a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) inhibitor, a phospholipase C (PLC) inhibitor, and a phosphoinositide kinase-3 (PI3K) inhibitor."

Both nutraceuticals in MASS PRO Synthagen act favorably by activating and sustaining AKT and other growth mechanisms. TMG also adds the "punch" of increased GH and IGF-1 and slashes cortisol levels.

This tips the scale to where anabolism vastly outweighs catabolism, and thus, muscle is rapidly synthesized and the entire process sustained fantastically verses without TMG. THIS is how new muscle is grown, at the fastest rate your physiology will allow.


(22) Herby O. Role of polyamines in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation. Differentiation 1981;19:1,20.[Medline]
(23) Oyanagui Y. Anti-inflammatory effects of polyamines in serotonin and carrageenan paw edemata possible mechanism to increase vascular
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(24) "Influence of Betaine on Pasture, Finishing and Carcass Performance in Steers,"; 2004 by Professional Animal Scientist.
(25) http://digitalcommons.uconn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1078&context=gs_theses
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synthesis in skeletal muscle cells.Gorelick-Feldman J, Cohick W, Raskin I. Biotech Center, Cook College, Rutgers University, 59 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA.

In whole, MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN benchmarks an all-new category:


A Synthagen capsuleMASS PRO Synthagen draws upon over 25 years of Muscle And Sports Science® innovations, combined with the cutting-edge research and weight room winning insights of Coach Rob Regish (Author of "The Blueprint for BIG Muscle Building" and Super Human Radio Contributor).

MASS PRO Synthagen advances nutrition optimization and sports enhancement to a virtually fail-proof region, because it "auto-corrects" so many common pitfalls that can occur with anyone's training, diet and supplementation - even top pro athletes.

Which brings us to Rob Van Dam, who urged us to develop something fast and effective which can be easily used on the fly by on-the-go athletes, too often stuck with less than optimal food options. The Yin/Yang cap design is a nod of appreciation to RVD for his contributions to the ProtoGeneX™ project.

To elaborate more on this aspect, MASS PRO Synthagen has the unique quality of "upgrading" other nutrients/foods by filling in key missing elements and actions no one has addressed before.

This stuff can boost fast foods in a pinch and "complete" them into something the body can use and even excel with, proven in "harshest junk food conditions" athlete testing. So, just imagine what it can do combined with the high quality foods and top shelf supplements we smart athletes strive to partake of!

Optimal use of MASS PRO Synthagen allows the savvy to refine their food and supplement choices to a central "best of the best" core and see better results than ever before. Isn't it time YOU reaped bigger rewards?

At MASS, an educated customer is our best customer. Our goal is to deliver the real results you want, and for you to tell your friends and family how well our world class supplements deliver exactly what is promised, and then some. Since 1993, we've earned a rep as "The Trusted Source for Real Results".

MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN™ is heralded as the most highly effective and sought after drug free recovery agent to ever hit the health and fitness market. With your first few dosages you'll see why, because 'MPS' will strongly convince you it's a core companion performance booster you'll never want to be without. A few bottles might see you contending with the best in your sport and fielding questions about your secret to success...

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"If you are going to invest in only one product for health, muscle building, sports performance, longevity and anti-aging benefits- this is it!"

-Rob Regish, appearing on Super Human Radio

"This is my base supplement from here on. I just can't believe how I gained strength. This run allowed me to push the extremes of high, low, and no calorie days, mess up a bit yet still be successful. The overall single best bodybuilding supplement I have personally ever used."

-Thicketman, Bodybuilding Forum review

"Exceptional product! Far exceeds anything else on the market. Increased work capacity, increased recovery / reduced muscle soreness! Definite game changer."

-Donnie Morrison, Ridgecrest, CA

"WTF is in this bottle? During my years, I have tried many different products - never done actual 'roids though. Most of them seem to be just air. You can't really notice any difference. Now I got in to trying this and I have a hard time believing it's real, the difference in training and recovery is hugely different. I started MPS while I was recovering from a monster leg workout. For 3 days I could barely walk. Yesterday I did the same workout and I'm not feeling it at all. What's the trick? Can this be legal? Can it be real? Seems so, but still...."

-DoneDiddy, Verified 5 Star MASS PRO Synthagen Review

"The restorative properties and increased sense of well being is amazing!! Not only can you train harder and increase intensity/density, you wake up the next day with no soreness and ready to train again. You have to literally force yourself to not train on days you are supposed to take off. For those who are wanting to train on the next level, this product will take you there."

-Gareth Denyer, CPT, HCP Barbell, Woodlands, TX

"Worth every penny."

-Ameer Rosic, Toronto, Ontario Canada

"How did you do it? Never used anything except deca and anadrol that made such a difference in how I feel related to the recovery process. Can I buy stock in it? Congratulations."

-Dave, San Luis Obispo, CA

"I think you might have a new lifetime Synthagen customer... I haven't felt this good in a long time! My energy is through the roof even though I'm in contest prep diet mode. I wish I would have tried it sooner -- I was just skeptical due to the price tag. I just ordered two more bottles!"

-Sheldon Kessel, Chicago, IL

MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN™ is an Exclusive, Proprietary Formula and 'Nutrition Optimization' is a Service Mark of MUSCLE MASS INC.
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