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Special Report #2

IMPROVE HEALTH, FITNESS (plus, a hair, skin and nails supplement)

By Rob Regish

In part one of my Kre-Anabolyn series, I spoke to the scientific studies of ecdysterone to improve sport specific applications via its effect on whole body protein retention. In part 2 of the series, I will focus on it's health benefits, many of which are overlooked.


Your ability to manage blood sugar may well be the single most crucial factor affecting your health and longevity. Done right, it'll add life to your years. Done wrong, it'll kill you. Take a look at the life expectancy tables after a diagnosis of diabetes has been made...

One of the more interesting aspects of Rhaponticum Carthamoides (RCE) administration is that it decreases glucose levels independent of insulin (Yoshida et al., 1971; Chen et al., 2005). Check food labels- High fructose corn syrup is in everything today. Why is that important? High fructose corn syrup weakens you by wrecking your body's insulin sensitivity. That's important because poor insulin sensitivity causes the pancreas to squirt out higher and higher levels of insulin to get the job done. Over time, that's bad news. RCE actually improves your insulin sensitivity and thus, your ability to wring out every last bit of efficiency from a given amount of blood sugar.

Working along side RCE in Kre-Anabolyn's formula is 4-hydroxy-isoleucine. This nutrient, extracted from Fenugreek seed, exerts a specific effect on the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas (cells that are responsible for insulin production). The amazing aspect of this is that it exhibits a regulating effect which corresponds with insulin needs of your body at any given time. What I'm saying is, when taken with meals, Kre-Anabolyn will assist your body in producing the optimal amount of insulin to release and likewise dispose of glucose most efficiently. 4-Hydroxy Isoleucine assists on the front end and RCE on the back end. There is a reason both were included in Kre-Anabolyn.


The ecdysterone studies behind Kre-Anabolyn show improved cholesterol values by increasing excretion of cholesterol in the bile (Slama & Lafont 1995).

Pop quiz: What are you most likely to die from? Answer: heart disease.

The link between a poor cholesterol profile and heart disease is well established. I specifically use the term "poor cholesterol profile" and not "high cholesterol" for a reason. The problem is a combination of having too little "good cholesterol", too much "bad cholesterol" and (perhaps the least discussed risk), how much of that is oxidized.

Your cholesterol measurements say nothing about how much oxidized cholesterol is present. That's a shame because plenty of people with high cholesterol levels never end up having heart attacks. Why? None of it is oxidized. Others with normal or low levels do have heart attacks, because much of it is oxidized.

The famous Framingham Heart Study followed over 5,000 people for several decades. It determined that people who ate more cholesterol had no greater tendency to develop heart disease than anyone else. Further, a study at Albany Medical College showed that, "Pure unadulterated cholesterol is not harmful to the arteries and cannot initiate or promote heart disease."

Kre-Anabolyn can help your cholesterol profile.

It turns out that RCE improves cholesterol profiles by stimulating excretion of liver bile flow. Bile acts to some extent as a detergent, helping to emulsify fats (Farmakol Toksikol, 1986 May-June;49(3):100-3 - Action of phytoecdysteroids on the bile-secretory function of the normal liver and in experimental hepatitis). Likewise, RCE is a multi-faceted anti-oxidant. It is rich in quercetin, kaempferols, carotenoids, tannins, vitamin C and various resins that help to prevent cholesterol from being oxidized. With such dual action protection, I wouldn't fear cholesterol or fat. In fact, I'd embrace it.

TIP: Take your Kre-Anabolyn with some fat for improved absorption.

The real russian ecdysterone in Kre-Anabolyn is lipophyilic, or a "fat liking" compound. When you ingest any lipophilic nutrient, absorption is usually hampered via poor dissolution. That is, it travels to a water like enviornment (your GI tract) and fails to be absorbed efficiently due to poor dissolution.

The solution (as I found out via urinary testing strips) is to take Kre-Anabolyn with some dietary fat. Let me explain.

Real Russian ecdysterone as in Kre-Anabolyn binds to the oil globules, which produces a higher surface area. I surmise this higher surface area allows for greater dissolution and thus absorption, generating higher bioavailability for the ecdysterone complex. It certainly may explain why I saw better results when consuming Kre-Anabolyn with fats vs. without. With good reason then, you see Muscle And Sports Science (MASS) advocating consumption of Kre-Anabolyn with a protein/essential fatty acid rich meal. No one else I am aware of has brought attention to this, yet it's a very significant research finding.


Kre-Anabolyn can also be of tremendous benefit to your biggest organ, your skin, along with your hair and nails.

Ecdysterone studies show the Kre-Anabolyn formula increases the number of layers of corneocytes that form the skin, thereby strengthening its protective function. In particular, this fortifies the water barrier preventing excessive water loss through the epidermis. Extending to the hair and nails, it increases the synthesis of keratin. This wasn't a surprise to me, as one of the more noticeable effects of my past ecdysterone studies was a significantly faster rate of fingernail and hair growth.

Now I know why.

The regular use of Kre-Anabolyn enables an optimal protection with respect to environmental challenges. It also helps to treat epidermal related keratin disorders such as psoriasis. Now, I admit this isn't something I buy the product for, but a "vitamin for hair, skin and nails" is a nice bonus. And for those who like the sun as I do, it offers additional ultra-violet ray protection via this and it's aforementioned anti-oxidant protection. Little wonder then, we find multiple patents filed and ecdysterone studies indicating cosmetic applications.


I hope this look at Kre-Anabolyn's health benefits was insightful and helpful to you. In many ways, the health benefit aspects of this product are just as striking as the physique and athletic performance enhancing properties.

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