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Q: My gym sells a 5 pound whey powder for $79. My workout partner said it has to be low quality at that price. What do you think?

A: That your workout partner has done their homework. These inferior "short processed" whey protein products cause digestive problems for many, are very poorly assimilated, and offer little in the way of muscle building and health promoting properties.

Click the whey protein facts links below for revealing information on the many different grades of "whey protein powder" available and be certain to read the article titled "Losing it's WHEY: An Inside Look at the Protein Market", found inside the link to eNewsletter #93.

Q: "I spoke with one of your reps and they raved about a super thick slow smoothie based on raw food principles, but I didn't write it down.
The shake has bananas and goji berries. Can you pass me the recipe?"

A: You bet, and be sure to bookmark the following page for many more -

Wolf's Raw Food MVP Smoothie

Blend the following ingredients:

It's a thick, rich and highly complex flavor profile designed to be consumed over the course of a half hour. A very high nutrition and energizing powerhouse that will power you for hours on end.

> > Get REAL DHEA at an affordable price < <

Consumer Alert: DHEA prices on the bulk manufacturing side of the industry are going up significantly, and consumers have already seen some brands adjust per bottle prices upwards by 25% and more.

Other companies are switching to lower grade DHEA, or dropping per capsule amounts of DHEA and using fillers to make up the difference.

At Muscle And Sports Science, we received a timely "pre warning" tip and in anticipation bought in deep before the price increase to cover your back as long as possible on the #1 real DHEA, top potency Micronized DHEA 100.

Today's tip to you is to stock up now at "last years pricing" while you can if you are a real DHEA 100 fan.

Sales are brisk, so get it while the getting is good as Papa always said, because real DHEA 100 at this price will likely never be seen again once on hand supplies are depleated.

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> > BURN IT UP's Peak ATP awarded new, 3rd Patent < <

It was recently announced that TSI Health Sciences, Inc. has been awarded a third, broad Patent for its sports nutrition ingredient called 'Peak ATP' as found in 'Synergy Formula BURN IT UP!' capsules.

The new Patent covers methods for increasing strength and muscle mass through oral supplementation of ATP, as well as the steps of administering an effective amount of ATP.

Larry Kolb, President of TSI U.S. Operations commented, "This newly awarded Patent grants extensive protections for Peak ATP as a sports nutritional ingredient through a wide range of dosing forms."

Produced through a proprietary fermentation process, Peak brand ATP delivers the exact molecule the human body needs to create energy.

Clinical studies have shown that Peak ATP has dramatic effects on circulation without adversely affecting heart rate or blood pressure. As circulation is the primary vehicle for delivering glucose, nutrients and oxygen to all tissue cells, BURN IT UP with Peak ATP has vast applications for energy, athletic performance and anti-aging.

"Peak ATP is the perfect core compound for our new multi-faceted Synergy Formula BURN IT UP!", said John Drake, CEO and Research Director of Muscle And Sports Science. "BURN IT UP has 22 active factors, each with a targeted, specific benefit while enhancing the greater whole. Peak ATP is absolutely key to bringing it all together for an exciting new level of proven results.", Mr. Drake continued.

While ATP powers nearly every human function, ATP levels decline with age and in response to stress. Low ATP stores are a marker for reduced organ and muscle function. Research shows that Peak ATP elevates intracellular and extracellular ATP levels very effectively.

"We are committed to developing groundbreaking ingredients to provide our partners with a significant advantage in bringing proven, efficacious products to market", said Mr. Kolb of TSI to close the announcement.

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"I've tried them all (Designer Whey, Isopure, Sportpharma, VP2) and MASS PRO is by far the best. It assimilates better than all the others and doesn't leave you feeling bloated.

I recommend it to every one of my clients."

-Anthony S. DiCostanzo, C.P.T.

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