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TranQuilogen™ is a professional, proprietary formula made to give you Mental and Physical Rejuvenation and on the spot Pain Elimination.

It accomplishes this by positively modulating both body and brain chemistry with research proven levels of healthy, Validated Full Spectrum 'SMART' Nutraceuticals.

TranQuilogen's Exclusive TQ Complex boasts powerful CurcuClear Curcumin, super high concentrations of Ashwagandha Root and Rhodiola Rosea, plus 5-HTP, highest potency natural source Astaxanthin and Patented Bioperine. All, at or above research trial proven potency levels and in convenient capsules.


One daytime TranQuilogen cap eases stress, social anxiety and ensures you are at your mental and physical best. Taken at night, two TQ's help promote the tranquil relaxation and deep, restorative sleep you need to awaken refreshed and ready to tackle the day's events.

CurcuClear™ is Powerful, Bio-Active Curcumin

Curcumin holds an esteemed place in Ayurveda (Indian system of Medicine) as a "cleanser of the body" and has been extensively studied in both modern medicine and Indian systems.

Used extensively for centuries as a pain relieving, anti-inflammatory agent for the skin and muscles, Curcumin is proven to help a wide range of serious conditions. These include but are not limited to, dementia and traumatic brain injury, cystic fibrosis, liver ailments, arthritis, alzheimer's, and as a natural protective agent against the damaging health effects associated with Fluoride exposure (5.2).

Curcumin also has impressive antioxidant, heavy metal chelation and lipophilic actions. It has been shown to improve cognitive function, lower cholesterol and to prevent neurotoxicity.

So, what exactly is Curcumin? It's an extract of the spice Turmeric, and smart nutritional thinking to cook with, but impossible to achieve therapeutic dosages in this fashion. It's because only a tiny fraction of Curcumin is found in Tumeric (typically 2-3% of weight). You’d have to eat a whopping 10 grams of quality turmeric, at minimum, to get remotely close to the level of Curcumin found in one single TranQuilogen capsule.

Full Spectrum, maximum potency, Bio-Active Curcumin is what separates CurcuClear from the field.

best curcumin benefitsTurmeric and low grade Curcumin formulas suffer from poor bio-availability. Three decades of studies on absorption, assimilation, metabolism and excretion reveal weak uptake and rapid elimination of Curcumin.

There is but ONE way to solve this given peer-reviewed medical literature (not "in-house" studies) and TranQuilogen with CurcuClear has the answer engineered in: Co-administration with Bioperine, which has been shown in human trials to greatly increase Curcumin's bio-availability and to slow it's excretion.

Click the chart to view full-size.

As illustrated above, the benefits of Curcumin are vast, but let's focus on 3 for the moment...

1.) It accelerates muscle tissue recovery
2.) Relieves pain and;
3.) Inhibits conversion of amino acids into glucose

According to an animal study conducted at Emory University in 1999, Curcumin speeds up muscle recovery by at least a factor of five (1). In fact, researchers in this study concluded by saying, Curcumin is the first example of a pharmacological agent with a potent effect on stimulating muscle regeneration after trauma. Enhanced repair of muscle would be beneficial not only in muscle trauma but also in reconstructive surgery and sports-related injuries."

US Army research also stumbled across the muscle-recovery effects of Curcumin (2). Sports scientists at the University of South Carolina independently arrived at similar findings. Researchers concluded that Curcumin may be useful to soldiers and athletes who place heavy demands on their bodies, but don't have the time needed to recover. More recently, a French study has confirmed these American findings (3).

Curcumin works by changing the arrival time and status of chemical messengers known as cytokines. Cytokines appear shortly after an injury or heavy training, having a powerful effect on inflammation and cell growth. IL-6 (interleukin-6), for example, makes muscle cells multiply. TNF on the other hand (tumor necrosis factor) keeps muscle cells from maturing and further developing. By suppressing one and enhancing expression of the other, Curcumin speeds up your muscle tissue recovery and growth.

Perhaps it's most well known attribute. Curcumin was found to relieve pain equivalent to ibuprofen (4). In one study of patients with osteoarthritis, just 200 mg of curcumin/day resulted in the researchers commenting:

"The results showed that the curcumin treated group had a statistically significant reduction in all primary clinical end-points. These results were complimented by the evaluation of a series of inflammatory markers, soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule (sVCAM)-1, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate [ESR])... while no significant variation was observed in the placebo group".

TranQuilogen gives you a 170% stronger, safe dosage compared to the above study, plus combines it with no less than three other natural anti-inflammatory agents.

In this study, nutritionists at Auburn University found Turmeric inhibits gluconeogenesis (5). Gluconeogenesis is the process by which amino acids are converted into glucose. This isn't something you want happening when trying to build and repair muscle tissue. Instead of robbing your muscles of precious amino acid stores, TranQuilogen with CurcuClear protects amino acids from breakdown.

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'Rhodiola Rosea VFS Extract' Multiplies TranQuilogen's Power Five Times

There's a variety of speculated "actives" in Rhodiola, and it's here where the importance of a Validated Full Spectrum (VFS) Extract makes all the difference. Scientists have identified 140 compounds in Rhodiola (6). Present are phenols, rosavin, rosin, rosarin, organic acids, terpenoids, phenolcarbonic acids, flavonoids, antrachinones, and other alkaloids. The chemical composition of Rhodiola growing in different countries also varies widely. The highest concentration of actives according to many tests can only be found in Rhodiola of Russian origin.

TranQuilogen uses Premium Rhodiola Rosea VFS (Validated Full Spectrum), ecologically harvested from pristine alpine meadows in Siberia. This is THE #1 Rhodiola Extract with an outstanding reputation for results.

Several studies have suggested rosavins to be most important, while also confirming the vital importance of having ALL actives present. For example, research on individual alkaloids show no synergistic benefit (7). Yet, when a Full Spectrum Rhodiola Extract is used, outstanding results are observed (8).

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The benefits of Rhodiola Rosea VFS...

1.) Fights depression
2.) Increases workload capacity
3.) Enhances cognitive ability
4.) Boosts ATP and;
5.) Improves duration and quality of sleep

According to the Life Extension Foundation, Rhodiola exhibits anti-depressive benefits and acts as a social anxiety supplement. Users also most often report higher energy levels and keener mental clarity when taking Rhodiola.

A relatively moderate 200mg dose of Rhodiola Rosea Extract has been scientifically shown to increase exercise workload capacity in healthy adults.

Acting as an antioxidant for the brain, Rhodiola Rosea is shown to prevent oxidative effects that cause cellular damage. The benefits manifest as improved memory and cognitive function.

Evidence from animal studies published in the December 2003 issue of "Bulletin of Experimental Biological Medicine" concluded that the effect of extracts from Rhodiola Rosea proved to elevate and help retain ATP content in skeletal muscle tissue.

In a study published in the October 2000 issue of the journal "Phytomedicine", Rhodiola Rosea Extract reduced sleeplessness in test subjects, improving both the duration and quality of sleep.


Phase 1: Ashwagandha


Withania somnifera, better known as Ashwagandha has been a prized herb in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3000 years due to it's wide range of activity that enhances physical and mental health, body rejuvenation, and longevity. It has been shown to inhibit anxiety and stress, improve energy, enhance memory and improve brain function, relieve fatigue, and to promote healthy fertility(9a, 9b).


Perhaps the effect Ashwaghanda is best known for is the calming sensation it imparts in those using it. Indeed, this was the original use in Ayurvedic medicine. It does this by significantly lowering the stress hormone cortisol. An Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine study showed that Ashwagandha benefits nearly every measure of stress. Compared to those who got a placebo, those taking Ashwagandha had 28% lower cortisol levels.

In another impressive study, The Department of Neuropsychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry at India’s Asha Hospital conducted a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving sixty-four subjects with a history of chronic stress. After two months, the study group supplementing with a high-concentration, full-spectrum Ashwagandha Root Extract as found in TranQuilogen reported significant improvements in all stress measurements and quality of life; all without side effects(9c).

In addition to calming your nerves and easing stress, Ashwaghanda plays an important role in the all important “anabolic/catabolic” balance. By lowering stress inducing cortisol we tip the scales in anabolism’s favor and tee the body up for more muscle and less fat. This anti-catabolic benefit is particularly important as time marches on, and absolutely imperative for those in hard training.


Healthy people taking 3-5 Ashwagandha capsules daily for just 31 days were shown to increase muscle strength and lean body mass while decreasing body fat. In addition, it appears taking this herb reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease(9d).

Aren't we all looking for more muscle and less fat? Subjects in this trial gained 4.4lbs of lean body mass and their body fat percentage decreased by over two percent - in one month. This is an incredibly significant, drug free body re-composition effect. Researchers also measured the amount of strength the subjects could generate with their quadriceps and lower back. Both increased during the Ashwagandha supplementation period. Also impressive, this trial showed a sizeable reduction in LDL, or “bad cholesterol”.


A two month 2012 study by the Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy department at India’s Guru Nanak Dev University saw forty elite cyclists who supplemented with Ashwagandha gained a strong enhancement to their cardiovascular and respiratory systems(9e).


Along with Tribulus terrestris (best version in Adaptogen N), Ashwagandha root has a reputation for stimulating fertility. As shown in a study by the Department of Biochemistry at C.S.M. Medical University involving sixty infertile men, participants were given Ashwagandha root every day for 90 days which resulted in 14% of the participants’ partners becoming pregnant.

Premium, highest concentration Ashwagandha Root Extract is a key, central and essential component of the TRANQUILOGEN formula which greatly enhances and reinforces the entire complex like nothing else can.

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Phase 2: 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan aka "5-HTP"

5-HTP - Best 5-hydroxy-l-tryptophanHISTORY OF 5-HTP

In 1988, Gastpar and Wakelin demonstrated 5-HTP to be an efficient precursor to serotonin (10). This finding has subsequently been replicated in many studies. It's also well established that serotonin levels have a direct effect on a persons mood. In fact, antidepressant drugs approved by the FDA (i.e. Prozac) work by increasing the amount of serotonin available in the brain.


Modern life is riddled with stress that wreaks havoc on our health.

Every day, people wage a battle against the ever declining nutrient density in our foods, lack of exercise and insufficient rest. These stressors adversely affect not only our bodies - but our minds too. Specifically, our brains produce lower levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates appetite, mood and our ability to get a good night’s sleep. All too often depression, obesity and insomnia manifest. The result is functioning at less than our best.


5-HTP has been studied and shown to be of benefit in the following conditions; Depression, anxiety, obesity and insomnia (among others). Like virtually every ingredient in TRANQUILOGEN, 5-HTP easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is not affected by the presence of other amino acids. This means it can safely be taken with meals, without reducing its effectiveness (11).


Oral administration of 5-HTP to healthy human volunteers produced significant dose-related increases in plasma 5-HTP within 2 hours (12). With a slightly slower onset than Ashwagandha Root Extract, it's the perfect "stage 2" ingredient. As a bonus, 5-HTP also has the ability to normalize the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which helps users overcome tolerance issues associated with overuse of harsh and addictive compounds.

(10) Gastpar and Wakelin (1988) Selective 5-HT Reuptake Inhibitors: Novel or Commonplace Agents? Advances in Biological PsychiatryVol. 19 pg. 18-30 and 52-57

ASTAXANTHIN, a Revelation in Restoration and Rejuvenation

Astaxanthin may be the most overlooked, potent, versatile nutraceutical NOT currently seeing widespread use for anti-aging, longevity and performance enhancement. For example, much has been made recently of lengthening telomeres to combat aging. In a 2009 study on multivitamins and telomere length, longer telomeres correlated strongly with the use of an antioxidant formula.

So, just how strong then is Astaxanthin, as an anti-oxidant?

Astaxanthin is 550 times more powerful than Vitamin E at neutralizing singlet oxygen, 65 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 54 times more powerful than beta-carotene as a free radical scavenger. Like many of the ingredients in TranQuilogen, it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier which conveys both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to your central nervous system. It's also unique insofar as being both fat and water soluble. By residing in both of these mediums, it protects the entire cell from damage. Supplementation also increases the hepatic production of PON1 - an enzyme that docks to HDL (preferentially) and LDL and protects them from oxidative damage(13). Quite overlooked in the cholesterol equation, it's not the total amount of cholesterol that's problematic - it's oxidized cholesterol that does the damage.


A study by the Health Research and Studies Center gave people w/tennis elbow an eight-week course of Astaxanthin. The group showed a 93 percent improvement in grip strength, as well as decreased pain. Another study found eight weeks of Astaxanthin for those with carpel tunnel syndrome resulted in significant pain reduction. The researchers concluded Astaxanthin might be a viable alternative to surgery.

The University of Memphis studied the effects of Astaxanthin on healthy people who trained with weights. However, they usually suffered from joint soreness. Young male subjects were given Astaxanthin for just three weeks, performed strenuous workouts and then were evaluated for knee pain. The placebo group experienced their usual post-training knee soreness, lasting up to 48 hours afterwards. The group getting Astaxanthin showed no increase whatsoever in knee joint soreness following training (14).

As if that wasn't enough, consider the following: In one study (15) more than 80 percent of people suffering with arthritis improved when given Astaxanthin. A greater than 80% success rate is impressive for any product, doubly so when dealing with a severe condition like arthritis.


Astaxanthin holds great promise for increased athletic performance. A 1988 Swedish study conducted by C. Malmsten looked at male students (average age, 18) who took just 4mg of Astaxanthin per day for six months. Results showed the protocol improved their strength by an impressive 62% and their endurance increased three times faster than the control group.

Animal studies have shown the same. No possibility of placebo in this classic test of endurance: Mice given Astaxanthin were able to swim longer before reaching exhaustion. The mice in question also showed significantly reduced fat accumulation. The authors noted that the Astaxanthin may have increased the utilization of fatty acids for energy. Another Japanese study (using mice) found that Astaxanthin decreased muscle inflammation by more than 50 percent.


You'll be happy to know the Astaxanthin found in TranQuilogen is 100% natural sourced, not the cheap, inferior synthetic versions seen elsewhere. Additionally, the potency per cap is up to 5x that of others in keeping with (and exceeding) valid research dosages to ensure your real results. No window dressing here!

(13) - Effect of Astaxanthin Supplementation on Paraoxonase 1 Activities and Oxidative Stress Status in Young Soccer Players
(14) Fry, A. (2001) "Astaxanthin Clinical Trial for Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness." Human Performance Laboratories, The University of Memphis, Report 1, August 16, 2001.


There is an extraordinary synergy at play between CurcuClear and Astaxanthin. No other combination in testing was found to be as powerful as this duo. In tandem, they speed recovery, wipe out pain, greatly reduce inflammation and improve strength and endurance. It's important to point out that most bodily repair and regeneration occurs during sleep. TranQuilogen not only helps ensure a great night's sleep, but also supplies these two powerful and synergistic ingredients at just the right time.

BIOPERINE®, Flip Side of the Coin (Dynamic Duo #2)

bioperine supplementsWhereas the overall formula ensures Tranquilogen's stress relieving nutraceuticals reach the brain, Bioperine (Piperine, black pepper extract) is used to up-regulate target tissue saturation of its other ingredients. For example, combining Piperine with Curcumin as found in TRANQUILOGEN has been shown to increase bio-availability 20 fold, or 2,000% above baseline values.

The pairing of this specific duo has also shown synergistic qualities in attenuating benzo(a)pyrene toxicity in various tissues (17,18) as well as mitigating DNA damage (19). It's interesting to note Ayurvedic treatments (ancient Indian medicine) has been historically preoccupied with the proper functioning of the digestive tract – especially the digestion and absorption of nutrients. As a result, nearly 60% of all traditional Ayurveda medicinal blends include black pepper as an ingredient. Patented Bioperine is the pinnacle of this principle.

Bioperine Blocks Formation of Fat Cells

A 2012 study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found Piperine helped block the formation of fat cells in the body (20).


With CurcuClear + Astaxanthin improving your physical performance, and Ashwagandha Root Extract doing the same + with 5-htp optimizing your mental performance, Rhodiola Rosea VFS is the perfect complimentary compound! This potent adaptogen works BOTH sides of the coin, auto-correcting capacity blocks that hold you back... It's the "tie that binds".

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relaxation supplement tranquilogenTranQuilogen is so unique, unlike anything else available today, that when advance word of it's launch first leaked in early 2013 it set in motion extremely high ongoing demand for the public offerings.

With orders for new super potent 'Gen3TQ' now being accepted, the limited number of available bottles are being snapped up fast!

If you need quick relief from stress, or on the spot pain relief, then you owe it to yourself to secure TranQuilogen supplies in your name, today.

For Peak Physical Performance and a Winning Mental Advantage, THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION. Right here and now, stop wasting time with multiple run of the mill supplements and get on board with the research proven results of Bio-Active TranQuilogen. There is no comparison. See for yourself!


TranQuilogen Supplement Facts


"I have taken LOTS of Curcumin over the years and other things to deal with social anxiety. Best up to this point was Phenibut, but too habit forming. So I recently tried something called 'Tranquilogen'. By label it's Curcumin, Rhodiola Rosea... 5-htp and Astaxanthin/Bioperine.

Instant relief. Was absolutely dumbfounded and it lasted a good 6 hours.

Has anyone else tried this stuff? I'm wondering if it's the pairing of Curcumin + Rhodiola that's doing it, b/c something's working."

-Unsolicited online social anxiety supplement review

"Growing up in a fitness family (father was a college athlete and current football coach), I was taught to be very picky with what I put into my body. Your company is the best, by far, I have come across."

-DJ Thomas, Minot, ND, Minot AFB

"Love the calm, restorative feelings so far from Tranquilogen! Less morning soreness and easier to get up and move, overnight."

-Chavez, Hermiston, OR

CurcuClear™ Bio-Active Curcumin is exclusive to TranQuilogen. Bioperine® licensed through Sabinsa Corp. TranQuilogen is a Registered, Proprietary Formula of MUSCLE MASS INC.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." -John Ruskin, Eminent 1800's Theorist

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