NOTE: Below are the results of a testosterone test conducted in 1997 by Rob Regish with the original ADAPTOGEN N formula. At the time, he was impressed with the results, verified by a certified lab test revealing a 30% increase in his testosterone level in 70 days.

Fast forward; Years later, Rob conducted a second test with the new advanced formula and was all the more impressed with his results - a full 55% testosterone increase in only 27 days. You'll find his full report and lab results from the new testosterone test, right here- Safe, Effective Testosterone Increase

*Flash UPDATE: Documented 77% testosterone increase test results via independent 3rd party lab analysis... See the actual lab print out, here- LAB PROVEN TRUTH on Low Testosterone Boosters

"It appears Adaptogen N is a healthy alternative to illegal steroids and bodybuilding drugs..."


Passing the Testosterone Test

By Rob Regish

One year ago I wrote an article detailing the benefits of Adaptogen N (Fall '96 Newsletter). At the time, I was very impressed with its effects in the gym. Recently, I put it to the test in the lab. I'll get right down to brass tacks; Adaptogen N shot my serum testosterone level sky high!

To review, Adaptogen N is a clever combination of the standardized herb Tribulus Terrestris, pharmaceutical grade DHEA and Melatonin (Editor- Ultra Suma is included as well). I, on the other hand, am a 27 year old male with 12 years of weight training experience. I also have a fascination with bodybuilding supplements and lifting heavy objects. My goal was to see how Adaptogen N affected my serum testosterone levels and performance in the gym.

On April 10, 1997 I had blood drawn to establish baseline testosterone levels. My testosterone test results came back at 370 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). For your reference, normal testosterone levels for a 27 year old male are between 300 and 1,000 ng/dl. It's important to note that I was consuming a fixed caloric intake of 2,200 calories/day and was taking no other supplements. Neither had I changed my routine nor my rest patterns. I wanted a true baseline reading. The next day I began my testosterone test with two capsules every night before bed.

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On June 20, I had my testosterone level re-tested. The results were staggering. I went from 370ng/dl to 473ng/dl! This represents a nearly 30% improvement.

The real world results were similar. Because I was dieting, I had 12.25 pounds of fat loss during this testosterone test yet my squat had increased from 480 pounds to 500. I also had what could best be described as a focused sense of drive at all workouts. To drop weight and increase squatting poundage is almost unheard of. I suspect Adaptogen N elevated nitrogen retention and spared lean muscle mass. What could it do on a bulking cycle? Adaptogen N and overfeeding could blow the doors off all of your personal records (A. N. Chiang, et al., "Excess Energy and Nitrogen Balance at Protein Intakes Above the Requirement Level in Young Men," Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 48(1988): 1015-1022).

Finally, I experienced no sickness or other ill effects during the testosterone therapy. This may have been due to the Melatonin content (Lancet Fiorina P, et al. Impaired nocturnal Melatonin excretion and changes of immunological status in ischemic stroke patients, 1996; 692-693). This supplement also may hold benefits for lifters with lurking cardiovascular disease (Wang, B., Ma, L and Liu, T., 406 cases of angina pectoris in coronary heart disease treated with saponin of Tribulus Terrestris, Chung Hsi I Chieh Ho Tsa Chih, 10(2), p.85-7, 1990) so it seems to be ideal for the more experienced athlete. In fact, due to testosterone declining as we age, I would expect Adaptogen N to exert its maximum effects in lifters over 30 years of age.

It appears Adaptogen N is a healthy alternative to illegal steroids and bodybuilding drugs. I won't bullshit readers by claiming two bottles will land you the Olympia Crown or an endorsement contract. I do, however, have scientific evidence that supports Adaptogen's claim of enhancing anabolic drive. I encourage you to put Adaptogen N to your own testosterone "test". Perhaps you too will find that this unique product allows for maximum capacity training and does indeed deliver on our mutual bottom line: RESULTS.


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