"By improving the bioavailability and rapid metabolization of a nutrient, maximum absorption is obtained... Put into dollars and cents; you take less of a nutrient and get better results."

Sublingual Absorption

By Jeff Golini, Executive Research Scientist


sublingual yohimbe

Sublingual, meaning 'under the tongue' refers to a method of administering substances such as vitamins or an herbal extract like Yohimbe via the mouth. With our PSD system, substances are rapidly absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue rather than through digestion.

This route of absorption provides direct systemic administrations by delivering the compound through the highly vascularized buccal mucosa, which allows a more direct access path to blood circulation.

Up until recent years, you would only find this system being used for sublingual drug application for things like cardiovascular drugs, steroids, some barbiturates and enzymes.

This sublingual delivery system, which avoids exposures to the gastric system and liver, means direct nutritional benefits for sufferers of gastro-intestinal difficulties such as ulcers, hyperactive gut, coeliac disease, and compromised digestion. The benefits are independent of gastro-intestinal influence.

There is considerable evidence that most sublingual substances, (if prepared and delivered in the correct way), are absorbed by simple diffusion; the sublingual area acting like litmus paper, readily soaking up the substances. It is believed by some that substances are not permeable and accessible through the buccal mucosa. The mucosa functions primary as a barrier, which is similar to the skin. But, it was once believed that the barrier of the human skin was impenetrable. It is now recognized by most scientists that the dermis is a good site for the absorption of many substances (transferal).

The overall absorption potential of the buccal mucosa is influenced by the preparation and delivery medium which we classify as the vacuum effect. Key elements of the vacuum effect are therefore dependent on the following:

A) Osmosis

B) Ionization

C) Molecular Weight

The cells of the oral epithelium and epidermis are also capable of absorption by endocytosis. The mouth is also lined with a mucous membrane which is covered with squamous epithelium which contains mucous glands. The buccal mucosa are similar to the sublingual mucosal tissue. Between the two, maximum absorption is achieved.

The vacuum effect is the main backbone or our PSD system. This effect involves the stimulation of salivary output. Basic anatomy reminds us that the salivary glands consist of lobules of cells which secrete saliva through the salivary ducts into the mouth. The three pairs of salivary glands are the parotid, the submandibular and the sublingual which lies on the floor of the mouth. With proper stimulation of salivary secretion, oxygen is consumed and vasodilator substances are produced resulting in glandular blood flow from the glandular metabolism. The increased blood flow creates our vacuum system, drawing in any nutrient that has been prepared and delivered properly.


Our PSD system is based on the vacuum effect which is also dependent on osmosis, ionization and molecular weight of substances along with correct delivery medium. The advantages of sublingually administering vitamins and nutrients are many; by improving the bioavailability and more rapid metabolization of the nutrient, maximum absorption is obtained. Simply put into dollars and cents; you take less of a nutrient, and get better results.

Our PSD system allows individual control over the dosage for optimum benefit, within safe guidelines, and allows absorption in a palatable and easily administered form regardless of gastro-intestinal difficulties. This system is especially useful for individuals who experience difficulty in swallowing capsules and tablets, or who are just tired of ingesting numerous amounts of pills.

Sublingual delivery systems have been used for years in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs that need to be in the system in 60 seconds, with maximum absorption. You will feel the difference.


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