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Q: "I've heard good things about your yohimbe liquid. That it is real and super potent. It is also on the high dollar side, to me anyway. How much is needed with yours and how long will a bottle of it last me?

A: Thank you for your question. It is true that our sublingual liquid called "Yohimbe Supreme" is very powerful. It is the most potent version we know of in the U.S. and "Triple Molecularly Distilled" into a 10:1 active liquid extract to give maximum uptake and utilization.

Each 30ml vial provides 120, 5 drop dosages. Yes, 120 dosages per bottle. The product was recently tweaked to have less water content, so it's now concentrated to double the actives per drop.

Many find that only 2-3 drops works fantastically, for fact.

Use Discount Voucher *sorry, voucher has expired* to save an additional 15% and compare it head to head against any other Yohimbe product for value and effectiveness. The discount will be deduced when your order is hand processed off line and applies to single or multiple vial purchases.

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Q: "I'm a 43 year old golf pro who is developing a bit of a spare tire around the middle and arthritis in the toes. I also smoke, and hate every minute of it. What do you recommend in the way of supplements to help shed the gut, regain strength, mobility and get me back to a more healthy lifestyle? Do you ship overseas?"

A: First, we ship overseas daily and welcome your business.

For arthritis and joint health, we can not recommend a combo of Glucosamine Chondroitin and Ultimate Omega Cod Liver Oil highly enough. Your joints will feel years younger after a few months use. We carry both medical grade Glucosamine Chondroitin and Ultimate Omega at a great price. As a side note, Ultimate Omega is the best tasting Cod Liver Oil on the planet. Via a Patented process, 100% of the "fish" taste is removed. Amazingly good tasting, and amazingly good for you.

For very noticeable strength gains and a harder physique, add our Patented Kre-Alkalyn Creatine or Kre-Anabolyn to the above stack.

Click the "Supplements Guideline" link on the main site for detailed recommendations and research on the above items.

Obviously, we would encourage you to quit smoking. It is no easy battle, but average Joes and Janes quit, and stay quit, everyday. After 72 hours the nicotine is out of the bloodstream and it's a mental battle from that point on. Bite the bullet, and quit cold turkey is our advice.

> > Losing it's WHEY: An Inside Look at the Protein Market < <


The year is 1992. The protein powder touted as best in ads is Milk and EGG. It doesn't dissolve into suspension and tastes like chalk. The real crime though, was in the manipulation of buyer assumption: Egg was touted as the highest quality protein of all, but if you looked at the studies carefully you noticed something curious. WHOLE egg (including yolk) was what that biological value was predicated upon.

What was in those metallic lined cans? It wasn't whole egg. It was high heat dried egg white powder of dubious origin and quality.


The new kid on the block barges in. Much more soluble, and boasting an honestly high biological value. Consumers noticed a BIG difference.

As the research continued to unfold, whey's health and muscle building benefits really started to pour in. A year later, whey was here to stay!

At the forefront was the MASS distributorship, offering the highest quality name brand whey protein available at the time.


Whey protein got so hot, so fast that copycats sprang up left and right. Worse, original formulas changed overnight. As research progressed, the quality of whey proteins on the market re-gressed in quality. In haste to make more whey faster (and cheaper), the big brands began drying with heat and/or using unnatural chemical production to cut corners.

It all became about driving the production costs lower. Some brands were watered down to being virtually worthless. Today, you can find one which was once a good brand, that now goes for $41.99 for 5 lbs. The original non big pharma version of it was almost that price for 2 pounds!

How did they cut costs so much? They changed to heat processing, and cheap carbohydrates became the second ingredient in the "protein blend".

Wondering what happened to the top quality name brand whey the MASS distributorship was stocking? Out of the blue in late summer 1995, it fell from grace, too. This one had led the pack. Cold processed, easy mixing and worked worlds better than egg protein. It even tasted good.

That all changed one day when a 'New, Improved!' version took the place of the original, without warning. It had a new slicker label, huge fanfare.

The problem was, when one looked closer it was discovered the protein content had been slashed almost 35%! And the taste, totally destroyed by lacing it with uncalled for b-vitamins (what's called 'window dressing' in the industry). Sadly, it was now also heat processed...

This was no big advancement as proclaimed. It was lipstick on a pig!

It was such a HUGE step backward and so ill received by (fast becoming former) loyalists and serious distributors like MASS that in record time you could hardly even find this once top brand of protein anymore.


Fortunately, it was at this very point in time when the heralded and most favored serious whey formula was about to get a new lease on life.

Prompted by athlete outcry, the #1 original whey formula was acquired by John Drake of MASS and quickly re-introduced as 'MASS PRO Whey Protein'.

And thus, just like that, the good stuff was back! MASS PRO Whey Protein was born, rising like a phoenix to fill the needs of serious athletes.


Today, in October of 2009, MASS PRO Whey Protein celebrates it's 14th Anniversary. The MASS PRO name has earned a sterling reputation along the way as one of the very finest protein powers in the world. To the point of being trusted and recommended by medical professionals.

Compared to the other whey powders and their fall from grace, each upgrade of MASS PRO has been to legitimately enhance the performance, health and wellness attributes of what began as the best rated protein powder formula.

Today, it remains a vastly superior protein of true world class quality, for 14 years running.

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State-of-the-art processing:

Buyer beware:

Great tasting super shakes:

> > FDA raids target latest loophole prohormone products < <

There is good news for those let down by pro-hormone bans or burned out from steroid use. Decade plus long, proven strong Adaptogen N offers big benefits over illegal hormones because it works WITH your body to SURGE your natural Testosterone - not against it as a synthetic substitute that renders you less of a man when the wraps come off.

> > Your Feedback < <

"I've tried them all (Designer Whey, Isopure, Sportpharma, VP2) and MASS PRO is by far the best. It assimilates better than all the others and doesn't leave you feeling bloated.

I recommend it to every one of my clients."

-Anthony S. DiCostanzo, C.P.T.

"Hey, John- Hate to think where I'd be without my MASS Supplements to Success! Thanks for everything."

-Rob Van Dam, Champion Wrestler/Actor

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