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Q: "When I tape measure my arms, the right side is about a 1/2 inch less than the left. It isn't really noticeable visually, but bugs me. What can I do to balance them out?"

A: This is not uncommon, and not just for arms. To correct the imbalance, simply use dumbells for all arm workouts and focus more on the right side. Always work the right side to total failure, but "hold back a rep" on the left until they balance out over time.

Q: "OK to combine A-AKG and Creatine?"

A: For the first few weeks when saturating A-AKG, it should be avoided. Avoid stimulants, also. However, it is fine to add creatine following saturation. You'll like the synergistic effects. When you consider potency and results for the dollar, you'll find a stack of Nitro AKG and Patented Kre-Alkalyn Creatine simply unbeatable. Click to for tips and insight on A-AKG and how to maximize results.

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The Muscle And Sports Science website found at has taken on a whole new look with enhanced user features and an advanced navigation system added.

This complete upgrade incorporates a multitude of member suggestions, including interactive customer service via IM and a new search engine suite.

You'll find page load times significantly faster and order checkout streamlined, as well.

We value your feedback. Please take a few minutes to "test drive" the all-new site on-line right now at Be sure to clean your browser cache before starting to insure you get all the new content and great features.

After you've checked it out, we would appreciate your comments and any further suggestions along with any broken links you might find.

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"Once I began taking Multi-Life, I noticed a big change in my energy level and I feel more like myself again. I"m thrilled to find a multi-vitamin that helps me in so many different ways."

- L. S., Florida

"I love this stuff! Before, I was often too sore from wrestling to workout. Now, I'm always ready to go heavy. Adaptogen N has helped me reach record gains on both the squat and bench press!"

- Rob Van Dam, Champion Wrestler / Actor

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