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Q: "I have a question about my biceps and triceps. I work 4 exercises for each and do 3 sets of 4-8 reps. When I finish my last set should I do 1 light set of 10-15 reps to get that last pump? I'm having a hard time adding size to my arms."

A: To be blunt, you are more than likely overtraining arms and the last thing you need is more sets. DROP two movements for both biceps and triceps, cut back to two full-bore sets and within 2-3 weeks you're sure to start seeing gains again. See, the arms are a small muscle group compared to your quads, chest and back. Plus, they are worked indirectly when you bench, row, etc. Limited sets, plus 110% intensity equals big arms!

Q: "Do you still offer the muscle mass t-shirts? That was a sharp shirt and always drew attention to me."

A: Yes, we still have the MASS Muscle T-Shirts in the now classic design. Jeff "the environmentally friendly screen printer" Hammond has been churning them out since 1993 now and we can safely say they continue to draw eyes far and wide, the world over... To get yours, click here-

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With the dramatic growth in the herbal health supplements industry over the past decade, some "profit hungry" suppliers have taken to illegally "spiking" or completely substituting the listed herbal compounds with cheaply produced synthetic drugs.

While these drugs mimic a portion of the natural herb, they act far differently in the body and can present serious health risks.

Many consumers who think they are utilizing safe, natural alternatives to drugs are unknowingly doing just the opposite.

So, how can you know for sure your herbal supplements are safe? To discover the answer, browse over to

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"Once I began taking Multi-Life, I noticed a big change in my energy level and I feel more like myself again. I"m thrilled to find a multi-vitamin that helps me in so many different ways."

- L. S., Florida

"Bravo Zulu to the scientists who created Adaptogen N. In less than one month of training while supplementing with this product my leg presses have increased from 600 pounds for reps to 900 pounds for reps. I am 41 years old and have 20 years of lifting experience. The most impressive aspect is that now I do not get sore from my workouts!"

- Rick Caldwell, Cordova, TN

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